Lula Goce

Lula Goce

Tempus Fugit

LA SALA GALLERY & ART SPACE. Monterrey. México.
Contemporary Art Fair Monterrey MACO’10. Monterrey, México.

September 2010

«Sed fugit interea fugit irreparabile tempus».
Virgilio, Geórgicas III, 284.

Tempus fugit

The idea of time is intimately associated with movement: that of planets, stars and galaxies. With that of ?atomic particles? turning around nuclei, etc.
Actually, one of the characteristics a clock must have in order to show time, is to contain a moving element. When a clock is in a state when it does not measure time, we say that it is at a ?standstill? Therefore, time and movement are related concepts.

One of the aspects of time is the direction of its movement. There are physical theories that postulate that time ?advances? in a direction which is contrary to advancing. From the physical point of view, we live in one of many possible worlds, in the one where time moves forwards, a concept which, on the other hand, is totally subjective. But there can be other worlds where time moves in different dirctions.

When does time come into being? When does it appear?

Markers on paper
Marker on 300gr fabriano paper
100 x 129 cms