Lula Goce

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Goce´s Extasy
Centre de Cultura Contemporani de Barcelona (CCCB)- Centre for Contemporary Art, Barcelona
Festival BAC’9 – Barcelona Arte Contemporáneo
December 2009

The aim of the project “Goce’s Extasy” is to cause a reflection on the present situation of uncertainty in the day-to-day working life of female artists, who find that they are obliged, as a purge and through discipline, and accepting a wide range of non-artistic jobs, to carry out tasks that are only tangentially related to their artistic profession. Drawing an analogy with the Spanish mystical ascetism and its processes of illumination, extasy and bilocation (the process of bodily dislocation, where a person can appear in several places at the same time and carry out several actions and tasks simultaneously), the project consists of drawings on walls in the allotted space. There are subsequent drawings of a naked Lula, in a state of extasy or bliss, together with free interpretations of extracts from mystical-ascetic poetry, such as the poem by Saint Teresa of Avila: “Yours I am, for you I was born/ What am I to do?” The extracts are inscribed on the drawings as a reference to this mystical character of ascent towards a superior state which is only attainable through a purge or by means of sacrifice. The aim is to stress the fact that the ascent is achieved through the day-to-day effort, and is not a goal in itself. The idea is to recover the Christian imagery of the Saints, but with direct reference to the here-and-now.
The glory is on the Cross. And the honor
And the suffering, Life and consolation
And the safest way to Heaven.

Saint Teresa of Avila

Drawing with marker on a wall

Four interventions on walls of the allotted space, separated among them by a distance of 20 m, allowing the viewers to discover the drawings as they walk through the exhibition. The drawings are situated in a fashion that does not allow one drawing to be seen while looking at the previous one, and the unity is created while moving along the subsequent images.

Acrylic marker on wall
Size of the drawings:
Bilocation 1: 5 x 3 m
Bilocation 2: 5 x 3 m
Bilocation 3: 5 x 3 m
Bilocation 4: 5 x 3 m

CCCB, Barcelona (Culture Contemporany Center of Barcelona)
BAC'9 Festival Context (Barcelona Art Contemporany)

December 2009

"On the cross is the Glory, and the Honor,
And in suffering pain, Life and Consolation,
And the surest path to Heaven.

Santa Teresa de JesĂşs