Lula Goce

Lula Goce


I was born in 1976 in Baiona, Galicia in the house of my parents. I grew up with salty air, homesickness, barnacles and drizzle. By 1996 life by the Atlantic seemed a little dull, so I moved to Salamanca, where I lived well and graduated in Fine Arts- specializing in painting. I painted like crazy; I also took whatever the additional courses I could find that were related to the aesthetics and art. I took part in competitions and scholarships related to the creative arts … I put on performances, I took photos, I filmed the odd video and I drew a lot. From time to time I partied …

In my final year in Salamanca I wanted to escape, as the Castilian air began to besiege me. I bid farewell and I set off once more to be by the sea. This time I headed for Barcelona. My driving ambition was to continue my studies as a visual artist and to see what would develop out of that. I began with Graphic Design in the BAU at Barcelona and later studied Illustration in the Escola de la Dona. Everything interested me but I still wanted more. I decided to do a Ph.D. at the University of Barcelona (UB) and a Masters in Artistic Creation. If all this was not enough, to put the icing on the cake, I took numerous courses in art production centres.

Throughout all this time I have been and still am participating in art festivals, art events and exhibitions, both collective and individual, in Spain and Europe. I have also participated in projects in art centres such as the Casa de las Conchas in Salamanca, the Santa Mónica Arts Centre in Barcelona and the CCCB, Barcelona.

My working life has always been linked to art, from graphic designer (the least artistic phase) to being a Collaborator and Producer in art projects with associations such as AAVC of Catalunya, the project “Curator Wanted” with the LaPinta, Barcelona. I also carried out independently commissioned projects with Barcelona Synapses in industrial and production workshops such as Caminal, I was producer in the LOOP’07 video art festival. Also I have done some work as an illustrator in publishing for Esquire magazine. I am currently teaching Graphic Design at the ESERP University in Barcelona and in the past year I have also been offered a teaching position in the Felicidad Dulde School of Fashion, dealing with the subjects of Analogue and Digital techniques. Between one thing and another I am still finding time to work on development projects for the Fundacion Pedro Barrie de la Maza in Galicia, something which I enjoy and which is a great leaning experience.

However I still consider myself restless and inquisitive, I seek and I find, but not always what I expected, but something which I appreciate. If I had to define myself within this eclectic world would say that in my work I fuse different disciplines. I would place my work within the field of design, installation and intervention in spaces. My work could be defined by the economics of media and use of the line on white backgrounds, almost aseptic.

I have a growing tendency to delve further into the depths of intimacy, and in doing this I get closer to the universal essence of the individual, sometimes with a certain satirical charge, sometimes with humor, but always in the background there is a criticism of the consumer society and identity that each individual generates within that society.